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6 Free eBooks On Microprocessors And System Design

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Learn more about microprocessors and system design with these free ebooks.

Atithya Amaresh

Are you an electronics engineer looking for resources and books on microprocessor and system design? Seek no more, as we bring to you 6 brilliant ebooks on that too absolutely free! Why spend big bucks when learning comes free?


1. Microprocessor Design

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Author/s: Wikibooks
Publisher: Wikibooks, 2012
This book serves as an introduction to the field of microprocessor design and implementation. It is intended for students in computer science or computer or electrical engineering who are in the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree.

2. Introduction to Microprocessors

Author/s: G. Akar, C. Bazlamacci, M. Bulut, I. Ulusoy
Publisher: Middle East Technical University, 2006

The objective is to develop an in-depth understanding of the operation of microprocessors and microcontrollers, machine language programming, and microprocessor interfacing techniques; to be able to use Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller competently.

3. Stack Computers: the new wave

Author/s: Philip J. Koopman, Jr., 1989

The author commences with an overview of how stacks are used in computing, and a taxonomy of hardware stack support. Detailed descriptions, including block diagrams and instruction set summaries, are given for seven stack processors.

4. Computer Aids for VLSI Design

Author/s: Steven M. Rubin
Publisher: Addison-Wesley, 1994

A broad view of the computational tools for VLSI designers. This book contains information valuable both to tool builders and to chip designers. The exposition is understandable to anyone familiar with computer programming and chip design.

5. How Computers Work: Processor and Main Memory

Author/s: Roger Young
Publisher: 1st Books Library, 2002

The book is an electrical engineering text aimed at a non-technical audience with no knowledge of computers or electronics. The book begins with a very simple circuit and continues to a very complex circuit (a computer) while explaining everything.

6. Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals

Author/s: David Tarnoff
Publisher:, 2007

Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals by David Tarnoff gives the tools for better understanding of the organization and logic design of the computer’s internals. It will introduce the reader into designing and building computer circuits.

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