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How Big Exactly is The Internet in 2016?

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In the beginning, we used technology for dedicated purposes. Once it became readily available, we started using it for other purposes like entertainment. Then came the Internet, and the earlier advances just became mediums to access this newer more intriguing technology. Let’s take a look at what happens on the internet.

According to surveys, some facts have come up related to internet. The interesting ones of them being,

  • More than 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • Over 4 million likes on Facebook every minute
  • 2.78 million videos being played on YouTube
  • 1.04 million videos being played on Vine
  • 1.74 million image likes on Instagram.

All this and more, is happening every minute. Daily.

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Image courtesy: DOMO

According to the report the internet user database is about 3.2 billion people, which would be less than half of the world population. Let’s take a minute to think about the remaining population which has no internet connectivity. What would these stats be like if and when they begin using the internet?

So just by estimates, this will double in the coming years, and all these statistics still talk in a minute. Imagine a day or a year. That is a serious amount of data.

image courtesy: Excelacom
image courtesy: Excelacom

Another surprise would be that, even after such huge social media figures, 150 million emails manage to go through every minute.

Internet seems to be used for entertainment more than anything else. Social media websites have a stronghold and the dependency on internet has grown drastically over the years.

If someone were to calculate the size of the internet, that would be a statistical impossibility. With more than 4 billion indexed webpages and growing this becomes an impossible task. But taking a shot in the dark, some believed the size of the internet to be about 10 Yottabytes (YB) back in mid 2013, which has grown exponentially since. Yottabyte is the biggest unit to measure data till date. 1 YB = 1000bytes.

I guess now I realize why the other day, while moving in our new room, my roommate was focused on getting the internet set up, rather than getting the furniture.


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