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Frugal Labs is all set to launch FLIP (Frugal Labs IoT Platform)

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FRUGAL LABS PRIVATE LIMITED is a leading Electronics and Communication enterprise specialized in educational technical training, skill development and prototyping products, headquartered in Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, Karnataka. we are focused on offering “handson Training Workshops” to educational institutions and enthusiasts, to promote knowledge & skill development in the emerging technologies with emphasis on applications and use cases. Our workshops are tailor-designed to facilitate students to not only grasp the fundamentals of specific topics but also to understand the various applications by offering uniquely designed “kits” for a “hands on” experimenting experience of the course content. We conduct training on emerging technologies like Robotics and embedded systems, Internet of things, Cloud, Networking, Wireless Tech etc.

When we were conducting IoT workshops in premier engineering institutes (we provide “Handson” experience to participants on Arduino compatible boards and use open source codes & popular languages).

“What next? We are interested in delving deeper into IoT” “We would like to develop innovative local solutions in IoT” were the most common remarks made by the participants of the workshops.

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The perfect Eureka moment arrived when the idea of FLIP (acronym for Frugal Labs IoT Platform) came to our minds!
Thread bare analysis of what was required, projected that the primary objective of FLIP is to offer a comprehensive open source IoT platform inclusive of ALL components – Hardware, Cloud & ready to launch solutions for sensors (available in the market), so that students & hobbyists passionate about IoT can turn their dream concepts to PoC in the shortest time and can even sell it in the niche markets.

Key factors which triggered FLIP as an initiative of Frugal Labs were:
1. Every IoT innovator spends a lot of time, money and effort to source the requisite hardware, assimilate necessary knowledge on coding for firmware, middleware for cloud connecting, app UX / UI for handheld devices so on and so forth.

2. The time taken from “Concept” to “PoC” gets stretched depending upon the various factors, which has a frustrating effect on the innovator.

3. As quantity of components required for “PoC” (from multiple sources) is low, the
cost for developing a “PoC” is always high and literally with no support! We decided to design a complete IoT platform to facilitate creating and developing a “PoC” for any IoT based product/service/solution easier and affordable to anyone who “Dreams IoT”.

In order to continuously improve the features of FLIP we decided that it should be an “Open Source” platform so that the FLIP community will greatly contribute for the future of FLIP With these in mind, we set off on the journey to build for you a versatile and comprehensive IoT development platform FLIP!

Frugal Labs is all set to launch FLIP and roll out this in the market by 29th Nov 2015.

Please be a part of the launch @ Co Labs Hardware Accelerator, Bangalore and grab your 1st piece

For more details on the event and RSVP log on to :


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