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Smart night lamp that stays alert when you are sleepy

When everything from the kettle to the shower is getting smart, how can night lamps be left out? The Zing Night Light is one such interesting and intelligent gadget that bundles a lot of smart technologies like object location and automatic path illumination. It works with iOS, Android, Alexa and Google Assistant, and is equipped with Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi connectivity, smart motion sensors, battery backup, event indicators and more.

Zing is made of energy-efficient LEDs that you can customise. It features automatic blue light reduction to help you sleep better. If you get up at night for a glass of water or to use the rest room, Zing detects the motion and gently powers its bottom LEDs up to 40 per cent intensity (configurable) to help you move around safely. After movement ceases, it returns to standby mode. When you connect multiple Zing lights together, these predict your path and automatically illuminate it. If the light senses any unusual or suspicious motion in the premises, it pushes notifications on your phone. Zing understands such behaviour by observing and learning your movement patterns over a course of 7-10 days.

Zing connects to your phone and acts as a visual indicator for incoming calls and other smartphone events. If you forget where you placed your phone, fitness tracker, smartwatch or other Bluetooth-enabled device, you can use Zing’s Bluetooth object locator feature to find it.

Zing has an even wider scope as it is built with open technologies and can interface with many home automation platforms. The team will start shipping pre-orders internationally by year-end. The light comes with appropriate sockets for each region.

Company: Factory Method; Country: United States of America; Website

A smart night light that helps you move around and find stuff in the darkness (Courtesy: Team Zing)



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