Saturday, July 13, 2024

Contactless Hi-Tech Access Control For The Modern World

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The system is based on cloud and lets you access your property from a centralised location – in a contactless manner

While many innovations are there in the market or are in production to secure a premise from unwanted people such as thieves, not many systems are available for securing a building or a workplace from harmful unseen organisms that can infect a person and put others at risk as well. Given the havoc caused by the pandemic, the presence of such a system is necessary.

Thankfully, a cloud-based access control system called SecurePass lets you access and manage your property from a centralised location.

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With endless monetary transactions, your smartphone has already become your wallet. Now it can act as a key. Simply place your smartphone in front of the facility, scan the QR code and enter your details. These details are then sent to the cloud through a centralised dashboard from anywhere in the world, where they are processed. On successful verification, access is granted. Once this happens, the system scans for body temperature and sends an alert or restricts access if high temperature is detected.

With a stringent yet modern access control system in place, any unauthorised entry in a building can be detected. The system can even detect an unclosed door or when unauthorised guests are brought in. SecurePass uses a combination of door sensor and people counter to detect and send alerts for all such scenarios.

Maintaining social distancing has become an at-most priority for modern buildings. For this, SecurePass keeps track of the number of people entering a building and can send alert/restrict access if the total number of people inside exceeds a threshold.

The low-cost device is made entirely in India and can be obtained from Singularity Automation.


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