Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Intelligent High-Resolution mmWave Tracker Module

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Using 4D imaging radar technology, the module can ‘see and track’ human movement and presence while protecting privacy

Developed to detect and track people in real-time, the miniature 4D imaging radar called Vayyar Element by Vayyar can communicate with everyday products using 4D imaging radar technology. The product enables innovators to implement real-time detection and tracking at the core of their products, enabling automation, safety and security applications for home, commercial and retail environments.

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The advanced mmWave module is powered by a highly integrated 4D imaging Radar-on-Chip (RoC) that collects data using low-power radio-wave imaging to generate real-time point cloud images and provide location data of people in its vicinity. The chip includes an embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for processing all imaging algorithms, ensuring high performance, data security and versatility while lowering post-processing and cloud-related costs. The module’s software outputs range from a low-layer point cloud to high-level process indicators.

Roughly the size of a matchbox, the 7201 RFIC module powering it incorporates all digital and analogue RF components and operates in the 60-64 GHz bands. While alternative solutions typically rely on 10 antennas or fewer, Vayyar Element has an extensive array of 46 antennas that support hundreds of virtual channels and deliver unprecedented radar resolution. Also, unlike optics-based solutions, imaging radar ensures privacy by design and doesn’t collect personal data, supporting GDPR compliance.

The module is also robust in all lighting and environmental conditions, including darkness, smoke, steam, glare and fog.

“We’re delighted to put 4D imaging radar into the hands of innovators who can leverage its versatile capabilities in homes, office environments, retail settings and beyond,” said Raviv Melamed, CEO of Vayyar. “With successful solutions in automotive, elderly care, retail and medical diagnostics, Vayyar now offers affordable, out-of-the-box sensor technology that enables a new wave of product intelligence to enhance daily life and help create a safer world.”

With three variations designed for different requirements, Vayyar Element modules all share uniform hardware, software architecture and APIs for seamless smart sensing technology and deliver the potential of 4D imaging radar within reach of individuals and organisations alike.

The module can be purchased at the company website.


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