Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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“I treat all jobs equally. No job is small or big, everything should fall in place like a puzzle for the team to succeed.” She moved to the USA in order to pursue her master’s and eventually settle down there. Even though classroom learning plays a major part; ethics, vision, hard work and life balance form the other part of success.

She kick started her career at AT&T which split to Lucent, then became Alcatel Lucent prior to becoming Nokia. She joined Summit Data group as an IT developer to gain experience in the relevant field. She worked as a QA tester, development, project management, and solution architect involving all databases and reporting tools. Currently she works at the IT Security Governance, Ohio handling IT security audits. “I am happy with every goal I accomplish no matter how small or big it is.”

 “I had a good vision on how applications should be, with evolving technology to meet customer requirements and have hence learnt a lot from every manager and colleague I have worked with.” Being a compliance manager, she enjoys the extra duties handled apart from being part of the team. As a female manager, who started off as a developer and held many other positions, she emphasises how women juggle with multiple things at once.

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Managing work and home is expected from every woman and hence managing time, budget and relationship is of prior importance. Despite all of this, men and women are still not treated equally. Breaking the glass ceiling and bridging the salary gap is still being worked upon. She wishes that these stereotypes are broken, and women are also treated equally as team players.

Balancing personal and professional lives is a challenge everyone faces. The advice given is to set priorities and be disciplined. A good support system is needed, that can be built only with the relationships maintained at work and home. From her experiences, “True success is achieved every time you see something go into production despite difficulties you faced to get there.”

Despite the ups and downs she views mistakes as stepping stones to success. The true beauty lies in taking responsibility. “Have patience. Analyse why the mistake happened, learn what was missed, improvise, and never make the same mistake again. Make sure you implement the lesson learnt into practice.”

Attributing her success to her family and friends, on the context of Women’s Day, she asks young girls to pursue technology if it is their passion. “I’ve always wanted to be independent, strong and a role model to other women and I hope my achievements influence others.”



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