Monday, July 22, 2024

Tech Industry Needs More Women to Bring Gender Neutral Products

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Tech is not only boys and the industry requires more women to bring gender neutral products, says Kavya Reddy, Senior Consultant at Datashrubs Technologies Ltd.

With her masters in Electronics Design from the University of Glasgow Scotland, Reddy shares her fascination about technology even since her teenage days. Being the only woman at her first job with Photek, she says it had opened doors for her to learn and work on embedded circuits and PCB design. 

“I landed my first graduate job by applying through job sites and after some rigorous screening. I took the first job to clear my student loan, but fortunately it turned out to be my best. The firm looked out for passionate students with a strong stand with basics in electronics and no expectation of prior experience. Managers and colleagues at the firm made me feel comfortable and gave me great learnings which I carry with me till date,” she says.

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She says most of her learnings in the profession were through her mistakes and great mentorship: “In the field of Electronics, a small mistake can cost a lot to the firm in terms of time and money. Following the process and maintaining checklists for error-free designing has been one of my greatest learnings. We are all humans and mistakes are bound to happen, but learning from those mistakes and ensuring to not repeat them becomes a key aspect in one’s career.”

Reddy also insists women to put self-care and health first. Quoting words from a book by Sheryl Sandberg, “Every job will demand some sacrifice. The key is to avoid unnecessary sacrifice. Taking regular time outs and setting clear boundaries can work wonders to maintain that work-life balance,” she says. 



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