Thursday, September 21, 2023

Automatic Test Equipment Becoming Modular

Vertica Asthana is a technical journalist at EFY

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For instance, “Traditionally, ATEs had customised pin electronic cards that were made for specific test criteria. These have now been replaced with PXI platform slots, which can be used as per the scope of work,” informs Nitin Nigam, field application engineer at Tektronix.

To sum up

Design for manufacturability is the first phase of a perfect design, leading to the next phase of advancements in measuring instruments. Modular ATE is a radical transformation of the testing process in sync with the product design trends. Combining PXI platform with a modular hardware architecture allows engineers to develop scalable test systems that can meet the needs of different business segments while lowering the cost and size of test systems. So we can say it is all about a revolution leading to evolution!



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