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The ‘World’s Fastest’ CPU

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The world’s fastest desktop processor features a 6.2 GHz turbo frequency, 24 cores, and 32 threads for unmatched gaming and creation experiences.


Intel has unveiled the Intel Core 14th Gen i9-14900KS processors, setting a new standard in CPU frequency and retaining the title of the world’s fastest desktop processor. These new units come with a max turbo frequency of up to 6.2 gigahertz (GHz) straight from the box, offering unparalleled gaming and content creation experiences. The unlocked processor advances the Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processor family to its highest speeds ever, building on the achievements of last year’s 6.0 GHz Core i9-13900KS.

This latest processor features 24 cores and 32 threads, along with 36 megabytes (MB) of Intel Smart Cache, providing significant performance enhancements in a range of desktop applications. Whether it’s gaming or complex content creation, the processor is designed to handle intensive tasks efficiently, meeting the high expectations users have from Intel’s cutting-edge desktop processors.

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The 14th Gen processor also offers substantial benefits to gamers and content creators alike. Gamers can enjoy up to a 15% improvement in performance over previous generations, thanks to the processor’s high speeds and Intel’s Application Performance Optimization (APO) feature. For content creators working in demanding environments such as 3D production, the processor delivers up to a 73% improvement in performance compared to competing products, making it a formidable tool in compute-intensive workflows.

Some of the key features of the 14th Gen processors include:

  • Max turbo frequency up to 6.2 GHz with Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost.
  • 24 cores (8 Performance, 16 Efficient), 32 threads, 150W base power.
  • 36MB Intel Smart Cache, 20 PCIe lanes (16 PCIe 5.0, 4 PCIe 4.0).
  • Enhanced Intel® APO support, up to 11% performance uplift in 14 games.
  • Supports up to 192GB DDR5 5600 MT/s or DDR4 3200 MT/s memory.
  • Compatible with Z790 and Z690 motherboards; latest BIOS recommended.

“Extreme PC enthusiasts – especially gamers and creators – can now enjoy the i9-14900KS’ record-breaking 6.2 GHz frequency while taking their desktop experience to higher levels of performance than ever before,” Roger Chandler, Intel vice president.

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Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal is a journalist at EFY. She is an Electronics and Communication Engineer with over five years of academic experience. Her expertise lies in working with development boards and IoT cloud. She enjoys writing as it enables her to share her knowledge and insights related to electronics, with like-minded techies.


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