A Focus on Image Processing with Neural Networks

Saurabh Durgapal is working as technology journalist at EFY


Engineers at Google’s research lab decided to check on patterns the system recognised and set up a system that tweaks the patterns to exaggerate the result. An image passed through enough times resulted in the image changing radically, and basically tripping some classy paintings.

How it looks

“After logic programming with languages like Prolog and expert systems, the present phase of advanced neural networks constitutes the third wave of AI,” says Dr Reger. But we are still decades away from a system that can get anywhere close to a realistic one. This brilliance of our human body is the reason why researchers have been trying to break the enigma of computer vision by analysing the visual mechanics of human beings or other animals.

Background clutter, hidden parts of images, difference in illumination and variations in viewpoint are some areas that require focus in development before we can move towards developing Jarvis. According to Dr Reger, “Neural networks in general and image analysis in particular will remain some of the most interesting and important topics in cutting-edge information technology in years to come.”



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