Monday, June 24, 2024

“Over 85 per cent of the connections made in the data centres will be over fibre”

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Q. How does TE Connectivity help engineers tackle design challenges?
A. The bottleneck to using fibre has been the relative lack of familiarity with fibre products and solutions. We try to remove this technical inertia by conducting regular seminars and educative presentations of the basics of fibre, its advantages, the products available and the trends in new product development. These are more technology rather than product focussed and target design houses, educational institutions, distributor FAEs and major customers.

Q. Anything else that you would like to share which could be of interest to the designers?
A. Technologies such as 4G/LTE and triple/quadruple play services can only flourish in a fibre-based environment. Internet bandwidth requirements will continue to grow exponentially as HD video streaming, online music, social media, distributed computing and other such technologies evolve. This again remains only possible with the lack of bandwidth constraints offered by fibre.

Q. Talking about distributed antenna systems (DAS), why are they crucial to mobile operators? Are they being adopted in designing of transmission towers?
A. It is impossible for each operator to introduce his antennae at regular intervals to ensure seamless coverage. The reach also depends on the size, construction and architecture of a building. Increasing transmission power would be one way but it comes with serious human health risks and transmitter limitations. for mobile operators, it is best to extend the signals using a DAS all across a building and site.

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