“It’s a digital world, but we always need an analogue bridge to it”


Q. What kind of skill-sets do you look for while recruiting?
A. Skill-sets required are multiple. If I’m hiring a field application engineer, the criteria along with technical expertise would be inter-personal skills because he would be interacting with customers all the time. In case of technical engineers, which includes hardware and software designers, we follow a stringent selection process in terms of technical expertise. During the course of inception training, there is an extensive training for about 1 or 2 weeks on IC Design, Software Design, Embedded Software, Different technologies of Mixed Signal, Digital Signal Processing and so on. We also touch upon the social and presentation skills.

Q. Is it possible for you to talk about the number of people you are looking to hire?
A. We typically don’t disclose the number of people we will hire but frankly speaking we would not be one of those companies that hire 100s of people every year. We do this for a specific reason. We, at ADI, hire primarily for the skills and expertise. We take full ownership of the product from concept to silicon and we have built up this design center based on centers of excellence and not from a cost arbitration stand point. The way we are planning to grow is by building up the skill-sets and expertise in specific areas.


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