Now take the example of Delhi where you see big malls and big buildings besides the roads, once you enter those roads your position cannot be tracked. But if you have this GNSS module, tracking your position would not be difficult.

Q.How do you tackle the issues related to testing and the certification of your products?
A. Actually Telit has its own test lab so all the test procedures which are followed in any CE
approvals are conducted in our own lab in Italy. So before going for any certification we conduct all those tests in our labs to ensure that our products would qualify for any certification.

Q. Are you looking to set up any such test labs even in India?
A. It depends on the business. If the market is good enough then we will definitely look forward for it. There would be a lot of investment required for any such setups and so we can go ahead with it only if the market is at its peak. Although the business potential in India for such activities is good, it still has a long way to go.

Q. How do you plan to tackle the challenges coming up in Indian market?
A. Of course quality of products count a lot. We are quality certified company and have approvals for our products irrespective of our local or small competitors. We already invest money to get approvals and to get our products tested in order to sell our quality products in every country and so in India but our competitors do not. They do not need such approvals for their products for each country outside. So from quality point of view we are sure that we are the qualified module supplier. This is not just size wise, but also price and support wise we compete with them. Additionally, our presence in each and every country also helps us to cover all the markets. Also, if the companies are willing to export their products we can support them too.


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