Friday, May 31, 2024

“Many of today’s design challenges are interdependent”

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Q. How are you coping with the challenging area of embedded software?
A. Embedded software is a key part of the EDA360 vision, and Cadence has been building capabilities in that area as we steadily execute on the vision. The Cadence System Development Suite accelerates system integration, validation, and bring-up with a set of four connected platforms for concurrent HW/SW design and verification.

The Virtual System Platform portion of the Suite enables very early software development for new SoCs, long before the silicon is ready, thereby ensuring the availability of critical software components at first silicon. Cadence hardware and IP products are supplied with the necessary initialisation and driver software to dramatically reduce the customer’s development and verification efforts.

A recent highlight in our ongoing software efforts is that Jim Ready recently joined Cadence as chief technology advisor for software and embedded systems. Jim has more than 25 years of experience in this area, having served as founder, CEO, and CTO of several commercial embedded software companies, including MontaVista Software, Microtec Research and Ready Systems.

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Jim’s experience helps guide the Cadence strategy by suggesting not only what the company should do, but in some cases, and perhaps, more importantly, what not to do when it comes to coping with the challenges of embedded software.


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