Monday, October 2, 2023

AI For Everyone: Building Better Businesses With No-Code AI

By Yashasvini Razdan

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Imagine building an application powered by artificial intelligence (AI) with a rudimentary knowledge of coding! Well, now anyone can do that with AI-powered low-code/no-code platforms. Read on to know more.

A manufacturing shop floor of a 3D printing company was overburdened with multiple orders from diverse systems. The arduous task of managing the raw material, which included processing, loading, blending, unloading, manual quality checks, and recycling, was taking a toll on productivity.

Despite the trials, this tale does have a happy ending, with a 65% reduction in manual intervention. The headcount of the labor team involved in the processes went down from fifty to five!

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You may question the authenticity of these figures and wonder if the team had a magic wand or a fairy godmother. Well, your hypothesis will be refuted, as the only magic that worked wonders for this company was a tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The 3D printing firm approached a digital product engineering company called Nagarro for a solution. Nagarro developed a raw material management application on Mendix, a low-code development platform. This application allowed the 3D printing company to automate the raw material management processes and allowed the workers to gain analytical insights on the material used, reducing wastage.

The lingering question that remains unanswered is, what is a low-code development platform and where is the magic of this AI-powered tool?

From medical diagnostic tools to self-driving cars, AI has transformed how we work and perform our tasks. The world is moving towards a technology paradigm, powered by AI to automate repetitive and optimizable chores, allowing humans to focus on high-level tasks that require creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

With the growing importance of AI, and the increasing demand for digital transformation in businesses, companies are now leaning towards low-code/no-code (LCNC) development platforms to build AI solutions to enhance productivity, increase return on investment, and reduce costs.

Let’s Understand What is LCNC AI

LCNC AI-powered tools and platforms enable users to create and deploy machine learning models and other AI applications without extensive coding knowledge. These platforms have pre-built AI models and algorithms that allow any user to develop custom applications for image and speech recognition, fraud detection and prevention, chatbots and virtual assistants, predictive analytics and machine learning models, natural language processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis, and business process automation.

The difference between low-code and no-code AI is exactly what the name suggests. Low-code AI platforms allow users to design and develop applications using graphical tools to reduce the need for writing multiple lines of code. No-code provides a similar experience but goes the extra mile of removing the need to write even a single line of code.


“The quick release of productivity solutions in the near future will improve internal process efficiency by enhancing competency with AI-assisted coding and raising baseline offers with AI solutions.”
— Sachin Vijan, Technology Director, Nagarro

An ideal successful business is one where the capital input is low, productivity and output are high, and the time taken to achieve that level of productivity is low. This sets the perfect stage for the inevitable and obvious technology—low-code/ no-code AI.


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