“Augmented reality can help. USA-based AccuVein uses non-invasive infrared (IR) technology to scan the target site and display the underlying vein structure. Because hemoglobin in the blood absorbs more red light than the surrounding tissues, the resulting image shows veins as a web of black lines on a background of red,” he adds.

India’s medicare: On the high-tech route

Jangir shares, “Wireless technologies mainly being used are Wi-Fi, GSM and Bluetooth. So, while designing the boards, we ensure to integrate modules for these technologies. For instance, users are adopting ECG devices with Bluetooth connectivity to access ECG data through their phones.”

There are applications of Zigbee as well. Globally, use of Zigbee is quite widespread in medical equipment. In India, a handful of brands use Zigbee for medical equipment as their Wi-Fi is already occupied by other applications.

In addition to becoming wirelessly connected, many devices are turning portable. One good example is ultrasound devices.




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