Specific Security Measures for IoT – vital ingredients to keep the Cyber space sanitised

By MN Vidyashankar


The breaches that have taken place in the industrial, automotive, retail and medical sectors have definitely increased awareness about security in a big way, and organisations today are taking a more holistic view of how to properly implement security in a way that balances cost versus risk. As a result, we are seeing the evolution of security task forces or formalised groups within these corporations to align software and hardware efforts to achieve the highest level implementation strategy. With the immense amount of data collected by IoT devices and stored, the security of such devices is paramount and opens up new avenues for designs of today and tomorrow. The data and information that IoT endpoints allow will change the impact that decision makers will have in utilising such data.

If security measures for IoT are done accurately, including leveraging hardware roots of trust as base anchors within endpoints; your system becomes nearly impossible to breach. The best solution is most cases as I have mentioned above is to use multiple layers of security. The internet of everything and connected devices are no longer hype and will soon permeate every aspect of our lives. It will improve the quality of life tremendously once we learn to secure the data collected and are able to use it judiciously.

MN Vidyashankar is the President of India Electronics & Semiconductor Association. MN Vidyashankar served as the Principal Secretary to the Government of Karnataka and brings over 30 years of rich experience in management and administration of various government offices, autonomous bodies, boards and corporations. Vidyashankar joined the IAS in 1982 and served various government departments at the state and central level before moving on to hold the position of the Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Science & Technology, Department of e-Governance, Government of Karnataka. Vidyashankar holds an M.A in Economics and an M.Phil. from the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He is also a post graduate in business administration from Harvard University, USA. 


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