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Charge your Laptop in a Car | SMPS DIY Project


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in this video, the author has made a circuit which takes 12VDC as an input and generates 220VDC as an output. This SMPS circuit can be used to power up your Laptop charger inside a car or from any 12V Battery.

Note: Remember the output is DC, so don’t try to put any inductive load on this as this is not an inverter. This is a DC to DC converter.

Inside a laptop charger the first stage is rectifier, so whether you provide DC or AC waveform to Laptop’s charger, it will be converted into DC only and then it is processed again to some lower voltage dc i.e 19V.

Parts Used:

  • SG3525 IC
  • ETD 34 Core and Bobbin
  • Breadboard
  • Thin wire strands
  • Multimeter
  • wires
  • IRFZ44 mosfets
  • Heatsinks
  • capacitors and Resistors

Courtesy: Shailza Kant Pandey



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