In this video author is going to show you how to make your own inverter.

An inverter provides power to objects working on alternating current with only a 12 V battery. First we’ll test our inverter on different devices then we’ll show you how to create yours.

Courtesy: DIY Experiments



  1. I need a Microcontroller that can be used for three phase induction motor inverter drive for a 1 horsepower induction motor and the program needed for V/f control of the inverter drive.

  2. Dear honourable concern,

    I am Md.Tanwirur Rahman, writing from Bangladesh. I have completed my graduation on Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I want to learn Electronic practical work. Can you help me to to provide guideline with circuit diagram as a new learner.

  3. Is this a pure sine wave inverter? If no, how can I achieve a pure sine wave inverter or can you provide a circuit diagram for a pure sine wave inverter? I need it to power sensitive electronic devices. Thank you


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