Thursday, June 13, 2024

World’s Smallest IoT project!!!!!

IoT has been trending since long in the field of electronics and communications. Many projects, products are daily made under IoT. In this project we push the limits of how the IoT project can be shrinked in size without compromising it’s ability to work. There may be products which are way more smaller than. This is the simplest IoT project, IoT button with rechargeable battery having dimension of 4 x 2 x 1 cm.

So let’s see how to make this.

Things required

  1. ESP8266 01 module
  2. 200 mAh LiPo battery
  3. TP4056 battery charging module

After downloading the required packages, now you are ready to program your ESP-01. For that, you need to have an USB to TTL converter module or you can even use your Arduino board to program your little wifi module. A USB to TTL converter has been used to program this. It’s connection will be something like this,

You need to install drivers for this USB to TTL dongle. Click here and download the drivers according to your system configurations. Now lets move towards the code.

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Using deepSleep() function, the code has been changed to consume only around 10 uA of current. after publishing the message to the topic, the module goes into deep sleep to increase the battery time to 3 days.

The code has been uploaded, in which the module will request API from a channel of IFTTT called MAKER. And whenever this link is requested from anywhere, we can perform our required task.

All the components along with the battery and it’s charging module were soldered into place. The circuit looked like this,

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Changes in the code are made in such a manner that you don’t need to reprogram it. You can change the application of the button, you can even change the WiFi access point name and password in case you have to change the router or its password. So just program it once and forget about it.

Some of the applications of this smallest IoT project.

  1. Amazon Dash Button
  2. Controlling Appliances
  3. Sending emergency SMS on any number
  4. Playing music on your phone
  5. opening your garage door

and many such one button application you can think of.

A tutorial video for this project covering every aspect of this project is below.

You can download Arduino Code for this IoT project from here.

You can download ESPConnect Android Application from here.

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