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agricultural drone

Precision Agriculture Enabling Farming Drones

We all have heard that drones can be used for agriculture. But how many of us are aware of the exact drones available for...

IoT Mesh Network Agriculture System

Watering various herbs, shrubs, crops and indoor decor plants at the right time with the right amount of water is essential for their productivity...
Circuit diagram of transmitter for Smart Irrigation System

Smart Agriculture Irrigation System

This is an Internet of Things (IoT) based irrigation system that automatically turns on water-pump when soil moisture in the field goes below the...

Low-Cost Smart Agriculture System

This IoT-based project monitors soil moisture, temperature, and humidity levels near plants and light intensity near the control station. It turns on water solenoid...
Agriculture 4

Agriculture 4.0: Agriculture and Environment Monitoring

Agriculture 4.0 is a new approach towards farm management and precision agriculture using technology, including sensors, smart tools, satellites, the IoT, remote sensing and...

Improving Agriculture With Deep Learning

Demand for food has increased with global population explosion in the past few decades, making old farming practices obsolete. Improper fertiliser distribution over an...
IoT Based Smart Agriculture System

IoT-Based Smart Agriculture System

Most of us have a small garden, farmland or a plantation area. Our busy schedule, however, doesn’t allow us to maintain it well. But...
Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture and Agricultural Automation

Precision agriculture allows farmers to collect and process data in real time and make the best decisions with regards to planting, fertilising and harvesting...
security challenges in IIoT

Shaping Smarter Cities: IIoT Irrigation Monitoring Key to Indoor Agriculture Success

All too often engineers pejoratively describe a technology as “agricultural” to imply that it’s limited or outdated. But this is unfair; agribusiness—the sector that...

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