Saturday, September 23, 2023

New DIY Projects

Single-Cell Battery Charging Circuit For IoT Devices

A crucial component in many IoT and wearable electronic designs is the single-cell battery charging circuit. However, implementing this vital element and finding cost-effective...

An Amazon For Manufacturing Services

Amazon introduced us to the world of on-demand products. Everything at the click of a button! A startup based in Tamil Nadu has extended...

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Reference Design For 7.4-kW On-Board Charger

Elevate the Electric Vehicle charging landscape with amplified efficiency, sleek designs, and high power density of on-board chargers. On-board chargers (OBCs) represent a critical component...


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Innovating In The Post-Pandemic World: Technology, Workplace, And Design

Embrace innovation, automation, and foresight—your blueprint for hardware victory in a world reshaped by the pandemic and beyond. The pandemic has changed the way we...

Embedded Systems Internship At Calvem Energy Private Limited

APPLY HERE ON LINKEDIN Location: Delhi Company: Calvem Energy About The Internship Note: Arduino Programmer not required. Do not apply if you only have working experience with Arduino. Selected...

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