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Block diagram of cascaded system for Noise Calculation caluclator

Gain and Noise Calculations of Cascaded Systems Using MATLAB

Parameters like noise, signal-to-noise ratio and gain play an important role in the performance of communication systems. Here we explain these terms and their...

Monitor Process And Graphical Trending Using MATLAB

This project deals with the implementation of a process monitoring system using Arduino and MATLAB graphical user interface (GUI). One of the major application...
Understanding Digital Camera Histograms Using MATLAB

Understanding Digital Camera Histograms Using MATLAB

This article discusses the importance of Digital Camera histograms generated by high-end cameras, which help in clicking better pictures. Apart from a general discussion...
The GUI for the 555 timer astable mode simulator

Demo of 555 timer-based astable multivibrator using MATLAB

In analogue electronics, oscillators and their implementation using integrated circuits (ICs) is an important subject. As 555 timer IC is easy to understand and...
Automatic Certificate Generation

Automatic Certificate Generation Using MATLAB

MATLAB is a versatile tool that can automate many tasks. Presented here is a MATLAB code to generate certificates for workshops, conferences, symposiums, etc....

14 Helpful eBooks On MATLAB!

These 15 ebooks cater to everyone from students, freshman and engineers. Happy reading!! 1. Numerical Computing with Matlab Author: by Cleve B. Moler Publisher: SIAM, 2004 This textbook...

Equipment Controller Using MATLAB-Based GUI

In this project, a MATLAB platform to control up to four electrical equipment is presented. Controlling electrical equipment from a remote location using a...

Real-Time Face Detection Using MATLAB

Object detection and tracking are important in many computer vision applications, including activity recognition, automotive safety and surveillance. Presented here is an face detection using...

Going Beyond the Intelligence of Artificial Intelligence at MATLAB Expo’19

The latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) forecast by McKinsey says that AI will create $13 trillion in value by 2020. This is the pace at...
image processing using MATLAB

Image Processing Using MATLAB: Basic Operations (Part 1 of 4)

In this series of four articles, fundamentals, as well as advanced topics of image processing using MATLAB, are discussed. The articles cover basic to...

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