Osmond: A Feature-Rich PCB Designing Tool

BY Ankita K.S.


Simple and efficient inbuilt parts editor.

A parts editor is integrated into Osmond, which helps to easily define new part types or modify existing parts. Part types can be either through-hole or surface mount. If a design from schematic capture application is brought into focus, Osmond imports part and net lists to maintain adherence to specified design rules throughout the process. Designs can also be completely informal, in an ad-hoc manner, without part or net lists at all. In other words, Osmond supports any design style.

Even experienced engineers sometimes make silly mistakes while designing, but an automated tool like Osmond and its supportive platform makes PCB designing a cakewalk.

A variety of options provided by Osmond supports even the out-of-the-box ideas of designers, making the design flexible and efficient.

Download latest version of Osmond

Ankita K.S. is an engineering graduate and a volunteer with IEEE. She is currently based at EFY, Bengaluru, where she writes technical articles on engineering and technology



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