Monday, December 4, 2023

Realistic Neural Modelling Using GENESIS

Jai Sachith Paul

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Independent of the choice of device. Large-scale neural simulations involve a large number of groups working on the same project. For making simulations available to a large number of users, the design of the software is made to run under UNIX and X-Windows. It is tested on a large number of machine architectures. The implementation of PGENESIS has also expanded the scope of issues that GENESIS can address.

A powerful neural simulator
Over the years, GENESIS has emerged as a powerful large-scale neural simulator. Although GENESIS 2.3 was intended to be a final release of the GENESIS 2 series, it has continued to evolve with modifications needed to efficiently implement synaptic plasticity in large networks and many contributions from users. In order to address issues like difficulty in adding more modern Java-based graphical interfaces, alternate script parsers and interfacing via the World Wide Web, GENESIS 3 is also being developed in parallel.

Download the latest version of the software: click here

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The author worked at EFY till recently


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