Demand For Embedded Systems Engineers Has Multiplied


Mastering embedded skillsets – do it yourself

“My advice for engineers would be to do a lot of do-it-yourself (DIY) electronic stuff and turn into electronics hobbyists rather than opting for training from external centres,” states Chethan Krishna who is a Bengaluru-based freelance embedded engineer preferring to call himself an electronics hobbyist.

“Seek a true embedded system professional and obtain guidance on programming aspects. Indulge in programming small boards and projects and evolve on these ideas,” adds Vinay.

Embedded development kits can also be procured online through trusted vendors like element14; and by checking out websites of semiconductor companies in India. Also, purchasing conventional AC Voltmeters does a world of good to beginners desirous of indulging in DIY.

Of course, the above is independent of academic engineering curriculum which experts now believe needs improvement.

As far as landing industry jobs in embedded is concerned, recruiters always check workability and aptitude via live demonstration (required from candidates during the technical interview phases). Therefore, it is vital that you face technical interviews with shrewdness.

Pay packages for fresher engineers, designations, preferred recruiters

At this juncture, it is worth noting that engineers are recruited as embedded software engineers, system software engineers, application system engineers, and even as field application engineers. Exact designations for engineers are purely dependant on the employers.

“Fresh engineers with sound embedded skills can expect to earn anywhere in the ₹4 lakh per annum range,” states Dr Radhakrishnan – a Bengaluru-based career expert working closely with fresh engineers.

“Today startups employ a chunk of embedded systems engineers. However, engineers should not expect fancy pay scales here and should be willing to start with ₹2 lakhs per annum (approximate average),” informs Prashanth Chandrashekhar a lead embedded software engineer in Bengaluru.

As per Dr Radhakrishnan, preferred recruiters include the likes of Texas Instruments, LG, Samsung, Nokia; there are also a host of ‘other’ firms such as Quest Global Engineering that generally top the preference list amongst wannabe embedded engineers.

“Begin with startups, work on projects for about 3 years before venturing to bigger firms,” advises Vinay Kaul.

“In case you are successful in placements, stick with the company you have got placed into, stick on to this for at least four years,” adds Vinay.

Typical job profiles

Exact working nature depends on recruiters, but the below is a generalised set of job profiles that you should find yourself into:

  • Software development and Testing
  • Debugging embedded systems
  • Writing secure codes
  • Design review, along with code
  • Working towards making existing system efficient. In other words, improve scalability of systems
  • Analyse requirements and develop embedded system software
  • Effectively integrate software with hardware design; improve scalability
  • Improve overall input-output performance of embedded systems

Embedded system careers in 2017 in a nutshell

Careers in embedded systems are generally satisfying as smart solutions can be developed
Embedded Systems lets engineers work in varied disciplines
Embedded industry seeks professionals with practical working knowledge
Embedded opens up a plethora of opportunities with respect to DIYs
Embedded system engineers have comparatively more jobs in the startups in India


Contributors to the story

Aravindan Nair – chief executive officer at an upcoming startup based in Bengaluru

Bastin Robins J – Chief Technology Officer and Chief Data Scientist at CleverInsight

Swetha Gaded – Business Analyst

Vinay Kaul – Mumbai-based independent embedded systems trainer.

Chethan Krishna – Electronics Hobbyist

Prashanth Chandrashekhar – Lead embedded software engineer in Bengaluru

Dr Radhakrishnan – Bengaluru-based career counsellor working with engineers

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