Wednesday, December 7, 2022

JOB: Schematics & Apparatus Engineer At Alstom

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Alstom

Purpose of the Job

  • He/she should develop/design Electrical Harness for Train Looms and Electrical Cubicles.
  • He/she designs cubical layout, power distribution and wiring routing.
  • He/she should understand Electrical Schematics, Synoptics and should be able to understand/analyse Train Electrical architecture.
  • He/she should validate electrical apparatus defined in cubicles, he/she is affected according to Preferred Parts List (PPL) and Project requirements.

Organisation Reporting

  • Hierarchical: Lead Engineer / Domain Leader – Schematic & Apparatus
  • Functional: Lead Engineer – Schematic & Apparatus

Network & Links

  • He/she is in permanent link with the Train Electrical Engineer (TEE), Electrical Design Leader (EDL) and Cubicle Design Leader (CDL) of the project.
  • He/she is also in direct link with Electrical Harness Integration Engineer (EHI) and Adv. Indus(AI) Engineer.

Performance Measurement/KPI’s

  • Quality of delivery (included sub-contractor delivery): 1st time quality rate > 90% (quality rate = modification validated OK / number of modification applied)
  • Respect of the delivery planning (included sub-contractor delivery): 100% on time delivery
  • Level of application of standard PPL: 100% of PPL
  • Continuous improvement or Return on Experience (REX) management from previous projects: Zero Missing REX


Accountable for:

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Delivering the right product at the right moment to the project, the product consisting into the complete electrical case or a set of electrical deliverables for each baseline made of :
Train Looms, Cubicle Looms, Apparatus specification – Cubicle Design

Wiring list

Managing the configuration of his/her deliverables.

Responsible for:

Managing the CoE Electrical S&A QCD of his/her activities, sub-contracting management (inputs / outputs management).

Knowledge & Experience

  • B. Tech / M. Tech (Electrical / Electrical & Electronics)
  • Electrical and Electromechanical engineering knowledge,
  • Cable Harness Design and sizing
  • Electrical schematics and switchgear selection
  • 5+ years Electrical CAD experience – EPLAN / E3S
  • Exposure to Train Architecture and IGE-XAO tool will be an added advantage.
  • Good Interpersonal and Communication skill.



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