Friday, June 2, 2023

“The Payments Industry Is Expected To Grow At Breakneck Speed And Bring In A Lot Of Novelty”

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Whether in payments or any other sector, one will see a gap between the male and female workforces in terms of numbers. There are very few where we see a large number of females vis-à-vis males. World Bank data suggests that if women participated in the formal sector at equal rates as men, there would be an additional 217 million women working in India. This discrepancy shows the need for more qualified women to join the Indian workforce and add to the talent pool. Having said that, now there is a consistent focus and deliberate effort to recruit more women and provide equal opportunities of employment.

The payments industry is not inclined towards any one gender and provides equality to job aspirants at all levels. No role is particularly designed for men or women and especially in startups, people encourage enthusiasm and the willingness to work hard, irrespective of where it comes from. In my experience, I have seen women participate in and excel in various roles. Worldline itself has women strong in business development as well as handling operations with equal ease. We recruit a lot of women on the technology side as well.



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