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Are You An Engineer Who Is Looking For Jobs In IoT Zone?

Today, most of the jobs available in data analytics (DA) are for computer science graduates, but there are some companies that particularly look for electronics engineers. An engineering degree with a...

Hall Effect Sensors: Big Things in Small Packages

  Since its introduction several years ago, the Hall effect sensor has captured the imagination of design engineers. Being solidstate, it is a more reliable approach than electromechanical counterparts. Since the Hall...

Modern Sensors for Defence and Military Applications

Security systems rely on smart and intelligent sensor technologies and, hence, sensors have become an essential part of military systems. This article covers some latest sensors used in military applications. Modern military...

Embedded Systems In Automobiles

In today’s world, most electronic devices are based on embedded systems. From home appliances like microwaves and washing machines to entertainment and security systems, embedded systems have found a way into...
Detect Food Spoilage with sensors

Detect Food Spoilage with Sensors

Foodborne diseases, commonly known as food poisoning, are a very common occurrence. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 48 million people in the USA get sick...
smart farming Inventrom-Bolt-IoT

IoT And Smart Farming To The Rescue Of Our Farmers

Can smart concepts and the hottest buzzword in town Internet of Things (IoT) provide the much-needed shot in the arm for our farmers? This is now the thousand-dollar question that id...
RPM measurement

RPM Measurement: Sensors and Techniques

Low-cost, high-value sensor options are available for revolutions-per-minute (RPM) measurement applications. Most of these sensors provide simple, reliable and inexpensive transducers for highly sophisticated control systems. Take a look at different...

MySensors + Arduino Board + Smartphone = Super Smart Irrigation System    Ingridients Inside Irrigation Controller Status LCD: showing Date and time and other status PCB prototyping board Millimeter Pro Mini Arduino Board Breadboard Female breadboard connector strip Pro Mini (micro-controller board based...

Electronics In Cars

JULY 2009: Necessity is the mother of invention. If you peep into the history, you would realise that cars were originally made of only mechanical parts, but today electronics constitute a...
Best Processor for Mobile

The Best Chips for Mobile Devices

A system-on-a-chip (SoC) integrates digital, analogue and mixed signals, as well as RF functions into a single unit. It consumes less power, which makes it ideal for smartphones. Lower the power consumed...

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