Friday, December 9, 2022

A Futuristic Wearable Health Monitoring Ring

By Duraiarasu

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efy testedWhile working on an IoT based data acquisition system using health monitoring sensors, we started visualising this health monitoring system, which could be worn like an ornament in our day to day life. We thought, what if it’s a smart device that can store real-time data, creating a platform for both monitoring and evaluation for a doctor while we are in our home itself. It could have an SOS feature, which is one of the main issues in India where people are unable to contact hospitals or doctors well in time.

Let us try and build the system that can take care of the above-mentioned problems. A private channel can be created for the person whose health parameters are to be monitored. There can be provision for an SOS emergency indication to alert the doctor or any other designated person. Author’s prototype of the system on a breadboard is shown in Fig. 1.

Author’s prototype
Fig. 1 Author’s prototype

The idea is to enclose the whole system in a small-size ornament like a ring to monitor the health parameters. So, we can replace the components in the prototype with small-size components that can fit in a ring whose design is of our choice. The prototype can be designed in the shape of a dice shaped ring, as shown in Fig. 2 and Fig. 3, or any other practical shape of our choice.

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Fig. 2: Ring design

Fig. 3: Suggested placement of components in the ring
Fig. 3: Suggested placement of components in the ring

Download source code

This project will be published in a few weeks. If you want to access it now, refer to Electronics For You’s October 2022 Issue--print or ezine edition.



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