Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A (Blu)Armor To BreakBikers’ Communication Barriers

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Remember chattering away with your travel companions while in a car? How would that ever be possible on a road trip while riding to a picturesque location on bikes during the holidays? Well, BluArmor has come up with an incredible solution to an age-old but ignored issue. Read on to figure out how to get yapping with your biker buddies on your next bike trip.

Be it a road trip from Mumbai to Goa or riding to Ladakh via NH1D, every biker gang has a dedicated list of accessories to make their riding experience more enjoyable. The Bengaluru based startup BluArmor has come up with a new device that offers car-like intelligence for two-wheeler riders to make road trips for every biking enthusiast more enjoyable.

BluArmor’s C30 (left), and C30 attached to a helmet (right)
BluArmor’s C30 (left), and C30 attached to a helmet (right)

Incorporated in 2017 by founder and CEO Sundararajan Krishnan PK, BluArmour has designed an intercom device called C30 that can be attached to motorcycle helmets to offer total connectivity to the rider’s phone and vehicle as well as other riders in the group, up to a distance of 1.2km, allowing a group of bikers to communicate with each other.

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Launched in November 2022, after two years of development, the printed circuit board assembly of the C30 comprises two radios simultaneously operating in the same frequency band without interfering with each other. One radio connects to the rider’s mobile phone while the second radio connects the rider to their group. The device supports a Bluetooth connection to the rider’s phone. The firmware includes proprietary algorithms for mesh intercom, noise suppression, audio mixing, over-the-air firmware updates, and speed based volume control.


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