Friday, December 1, 2023

A Board For Creating Your IoT Product Faster

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Low cost, low maintenance

Using this evaluation board will result in reduced cost as the module can directly be connected to sensors. To transfer data over longer ranges, you need not have multiple repeaters to strengthen the signal, thanks to the mesh network.

The evaluation board

The only catch is the need to ensure that no node in the mesh fails. For this, automatic diagnosis can be scheduled once a week, which will alert you in case of any problem. As most of the configuration happens via software, it is also easy to regularly update the entire setup to make up for any glitches in the code.

Why the board

Debugging with ST-Link V2

On the face of it, one might wonder why you should buy a board when you can put a system together yourself. Have a go at it and then the difficulties show up. If you purchase a Nordic chipset, you will need to design everything from the radio frequency module to every component on the board from scratch, putting in your time and effort for research and development. It would easily put you back by a month or two.

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While going in for manufacturing, there might be damages due to welding of buses onto the board. If you still manage to get it right, the size might be an issue, not to mention power consumption of the complete design.The challenge is in getting the components together within the required dimensions, without affecting the range of the individual wireless module, managing power efficiency and providing battery backup.



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