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Unified threat management at work, at home

With an increase in the number of connected devices (the Internet of Things or IoT), users are under constant threat from cyber criminals even at home. From identity theft to break-ins, a lot of mishaps can arise out of loopholes in your home network’s cyber security.

Fortress Cyber Security offers a way out with its home-focused, enterprise-grade unified threat management (UTM) solution. This software stack and hardware solution allows users to deploy several enterprise security technologies at home. It monitors every connection on your home network, detects and prevents intrusions, and blocks bad connections, viruses and ransomware. Fortress maintains a blacklist of cyber security threats and bad actors (or bad apples) on the Internet. This information is distributed to every device on your network. What is interesting about Fortress’ claim is that even if a bad actor manages to get in, he cannot get out of your network.

The solution includes a touchscreen appliance, desktop computer portal and mobile app, so you can control the features through whichever medium you prefer, and from anywhere. You can watch and control how the system works, and make the best use of security features like browsing protection, parental controls, command and control blocking, unauthorised access blocking, unauthorised device blocking and network behaviour analysis.

Product: Fortress; Company: Fortress Cyber Security; Website; Country: United States of America

Fortress’ enterprise-grade cyber security for the IoT at home (Courtesy: Fortress Cyber Security)
Fortress’ enterprise-grade cyber security for the IoT at home (Courtesy: Fortress Cyber Security)


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