Innovation From Workplace to Garden


A smart indoor garden that’s sure to grow

Adding a green touch to your workplace improves not just the ambience but productivity too. Plants are wonderful to have at home as well. But, not everybody has a green thumb! The LeGrow Smart Garden ensures that you have a nice collection of indoor plants that grow well.

At the heart of LeGrow’s solution are the modular desk planters. You can click together the planters like Lego blocks and make an interesting indoor garden. The pot is designed with an internal water reservoir, which captures the excess water. This not only avoids spilling and leakage but also retains the moisture, so you do not have to water the plants frequently.

The LeGrow Shine plant growth lamp contains two light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs that turn on or off to provide the right intensity and brightness of light for the plants to grow well. Apart from this, the ecosystem also includes LeGrow Spring air purifier and humidifier that provides the plants with ideal humidity conditions.

The solution comes with a handy power pot with four USB ports, which powers the humidifier, light source and two more of your devices. The Smart Garden is available in different configurations that include different number of modules such as planters, power pot, humidifier and lights. You can pick the option that fits your needs best. The company accepts orders through Kickstarter

Product: LeGrow Smart Garden; Company: Winmart Design; Website; Country: Singapore

A non-messy, sure-shot indoor garden for your home or workplace (Courtesy: Winmart Design)
A non-messy, sure-shot indoor garden for your home or workplace (Courtesy: Winmart Design)



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