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DIABETO: A 360-Degree Diabetes-Management Solution

DIABETO: A 360-Degree Diabetes-Management Solution

How it works

On establishing a connection, the readings, time and date stamp from the glucometer are transferred to the app, while at the same time also getting stored in the cloud server, saving the trouble of entering the readings manually. The app then asks for details about meals (you could even upload a picture of the meal), wellness factors, insulin units taken and comments, which you can manually input. This additional data gets stored along with the readings and you can add details to past readings as well.

The next task is analysis. You can do this using a smartphone app or Web app. The app analyses all data stored and gives an insight into how your health is and what you need to do next. You can track your mood and food, measure physical activity, count calories from carbohydrates, accurately log blood-glucose levels for monitoring and track insulin intake.

It is always confusing to see these figures in number displays. The app presents this data as graphs that help you spot your trend on the first look; you can even convert a particular set of data into PDF format to document or share with others, may be a doctor or friend. You can set reminders to help manage your daily routine and even consult with the teamís specialists via video conferencing.


The team at Diabeto (L to R): Jayesh Dhanwade, Vishal Chavan, Sheldon Lobo, Shreekant Pawar and Hemanshu Jain
The team at Diabeto (L to R): Jayesh Dhanwade, Vishal Chavan, Sheldon Lobo, Shreekant Pawar and Hemanshu Jain

 Measure the impact of your lifestyle

At any time of the day, take another reading and feed it into Diabeto, or just change the related factors on the app. Sit down for your analysis; but at the pace at which life is progressing, it is impossible to sit and stare at graphs multiple times a day. At such times, you can take a quick view at the display that gives you three parameters:
1. Blood-glucose reading pulled from Diabeto app
2. Standard deviation, a number that gives better analysis on blood-glucose control
3. Average glucose, a diabetes-control indicator parameter

Unique and with a purpose

With changing lifestyle, it is not uncommon to see even kids being diagnosed with diabetes today. The visually-challenged, the hearing-impaired and senior citizens are at the receiving end, too. Although there is a device similar to Diabeto in the USA, Diabeto is an innovation from India.

Changes in hardware, suggested by Barrierbreak, an accessibility testing centre, have been incorporated in the model that will soon hit the market (as of December 2015). With alpha testing stage completed, aided by University College London, UK, and ChiMed, Diabeto is on its way to help people in not just identifying the problem but managing it to improve the userís condition. The problem with those with Diabetes is not that they are not aware, they just do not monitor it well enough.