Wednesday, April 17, 2024 Will Recognise Your Speech in Any Indian Language!

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In a linguistically diversified country like India, incorporation any smart voice or speech recognition system that understands all regional languages seems like an impossible mission. This is something the creators of took as a challenge and built their product., solves the problem of speech recognition for Indian languages, allowing the next 300 Million Indians to embrace the digital world. At, the creators build speech recognition engines, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text to speech (TTS) for Indic languages.

Currently, statistics say that nine out ten new digital users prefer to interact in local/native languages over English. This is a golden opportunity and is poised to take advantage of this. So in near future, you do not have to press 1 for English and 2 for Hindi when you call customer care, with, the bot can automatically understand the speech and language you are taking in, and assist accordingly.

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“ is the only company today to have speech recognition engine in all Indic languages with a high degree of accuracy, beating local and global competitors. Recently, Samsung Ventures invested in, that once again validates the superior competency of our technology”, says Ganesh Gopalan, CEO, and Co-founder,

Projecting Ideas

 Apart from empowering devices such as consumer durables and mobiles through a voice interface, is also focusing on a conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) based automation solution that will change the way customer support, sales and marketing calls are handled by businesses. It is an interactive voice bot that is deployed on telephone lines, mobile apps, and websites.  Whether it is an inbound or outbound call, instead of an IVR or a human agent, the user will talk to a bot, and the best part of this solution is that it will work in multiple languages. has plans for international expansion to multiple geographies and developing speech recognition technologies for international languages. ​Click here to view the video demonstration of

The Brains and Tech Behind is a company founded by experienced technologists Ganesh Gopalan and Ananth Nagaraj. Ganesh has over 25+ technology leadership and marketing experience in technology companies such as Texas Instruments and IBM. Ananth has over 10+ years of experience including leading signal processing teams in Texas Instruments and Kyocera.

Today, the whole team of consists of 20+ speech scientists, NLP, and software engineers.

Team behind

“We have been working on these technologies for almost three years. By getting the basic product technology right, we are now focused on monetizing the technology”, says Ganesh Gopalan, CEO, and Co-founder,

The core technologies that focuses on including high-quality ASR (Automated Speech Recognition) models for multiple languages, a Natural Language processing layer that can handle contexts in local languages and a natural human-sounding TTS.

“We build interactive voice assistants on mobile phone and telephone channels. We are focused on the automation of customer-centric support. This solution is especially applicable for sectors like BFSI, E-commerce, Retail, etc.”, says Ananth Nagaraj, Founder,

The journey from Inception was started on July 2016 with the idea of bringing about Speech Recognition based technologies to help make information accessible to large diverse populations and making human-machine interaction as simple as possible to cater to a larger audience.

In order to have a highly accurate speech engine, the creators needed to understand the nuances of the variation in dialects, styles, and accents.

“We spent a considerable amount of time working on this and we are proud of the outcome. Our speech engines are the most accurate ones in the market, beating global and local competitors. We monetize based on the usage of our speech application program interface (APIs). In certain cases, we monetize based on end-user outcomes”, says Ananth Nagaraj, Founder,

The market focus has a commercial version that offers Speech recognition APIs for multiple languages and multiple channels such as mobile phone voice assistants, mobile phone apps and telephony lines. works with around 20+ companies in BFSI, E-commerce, Retail, and consumer electronics. is in the process of filling multiple patents related to speech recognition and NLP for a diverse country such as India.’s mission is to help people communicate better and democratize access to technology and information. With no other competitor offering the same solution in India as a commercial version, is exploring this more to become a major player in the voice space.

The most natural form of interaction today is the voice, and endeavors to use speech recognition to make its mission a reality.



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