Sunday, September 24, 2023

Dimming Technology Has Undergone Massive Metamorphosis Since Last Few Years

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The need to save energy and utilizing it judiciously in order to cut the electricity costs is another factor that people consider while opting for advanced lighting solutions. Lighting solutions these days are capable of integrating interior and exterior, electric light and daylight, thus giving residents what they seek – an unparalleled energy-efficient lighting environment. People of the country are slowly getting inclined towards sustainable lighting solutions, hence the LED industry is expected to develop at a healthy rate in the coming years.

What is driving the overall industry forward?

The country is already witnessing a disruption in the lighting technology, with the government leading from the front – replacing traditional lights with LEDs at pan-India level. Developed countries have already adopted LEDs at a large scale, but India is yet to see massive adoption of the same. Energy efficiency and cost reduction are the key factors that are fueling the demand for LEDs. With the government’s project of installing LED lights in 100 cities progressing at a fast pace, the incandescent bulbs of street lights are likely to be replaced with LEDs quite before time. The mounting adoption of LEDs in the country is also creating demand opportunities for lighting controls that are designed to increase the brightness or dim the LEDs as per one’s requirement. Lighting controls are instrumental in keeping problems like pop-on, drop-out, dead travel, flicker and audible noise especially while dimming LEDs, at bay.


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