Tuesday, June 25, 2024

20a Chip Ferrite Beads For Electric Vehicles

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Murata launched a series of 20A chip ferrite beads for battery charging systems and powertrains of electric vehicles.

Image Credit: Murata

20A chip ferrite beads series called BLE32SN series are 3.2 x 2.5 x 2 mm (1210 or metric 3225) and can operate over -55°C to +150°C or -55 to +125°C. These are claimed to be the world’s first noise suppression components. They can be used in circuits which require noise suppression with maximum current flows.

The cost incurred in creating a circuit with no noise-suppression standards chips by mounting them parallel is way higher to that of using 20A chip. The BLE32SN series can reduce both the space and bill-of-materials (BoM) costs when compared to the standard chips.

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Series of 20A Chip:

  • BLE32SN120BH1 150°C, AEC-Q200, powertrain/safety
  • BLE32SN120BN1 150°C, non-automotive use
  • BLE32SN120SH1 125°C, AEC-Q200, powertrain/safety
  • BLE32SN120SN1 125°C, non-automotive use
  • BLE32SN120SZ1 125°C, AEC-Q200, infotainment

All the parts are rated at 20A up to 125°C. However, the higher temperature versions de-rate linearly to 10mA at 150°C.

All parts have identical 600μΩ max dc resistance and 12Ω ±5Ω impedance at 100MHz.
The engineers have successfully created a proprietary internal electrode design. This design increases the electrode volume when compared to the conventional arrangement. It has reduced their DC resistance characteristics significantly, which results in reduced heat generation. This eventually leads to reduction in the cost for a dedicated thermal management.

“By leveraging advanced structural simulation techniques, Murata engineers have created a proprietary internal electrode design,” according to the company. “This increases the electrode volume of these chips compared with those using a conventional arrangement. It has resulted in a significant lowering of their dc resistance. Consequently, heat generation is reduced, so less thermal management is needed.”


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