Monday, June 17, 2024

AoI With 21 MP Image Sensor And A Large FOV For Better Inspection

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Test Research, Inc. (TRI) has released a high-speed 3D automatic optical inspection (AOI) device, TR7700QH SII. It features an impressive resolution of 15 µm, 21 MP imaging, and a large field of view (FOV) for inspection, the TR7700QH SII sets a new benchmark in terms of inspection performance. The TR7700QH is capable of enhancing the electronics manufacturing industry to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their operations. The TRI’s new AoI machine is capable of early defect detection, minimizing rework and scrap, thus saving labor costs, and reducing customer returns.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) provides significant advantages in electronics manufacturing. AOI systems utilize high-resolution cameras and advanced algorithms to detect defects and errors on printed circuit boards (PCBs). This improves quality control by identifying issues like misalignments, missing components, and solder bridging. AOI’s speed and efficiency surpass manual inspections, increasing throughput and meeting production schedules. It ensures consistency and standardization in inspections, reducing subjective errors. AOI also provides valuable data for process optimization, allowing manufacturers to enhance techniques and implement corrective actions. Overall, AOI enhances product quality, customer satisfaction, and competitiveness in electronics manufacturing.

According to the company, the AOI machine is capable of achieving speeds of up to 80 cm²/sec, the TR7700QH SII surpasses its predecessor, the TR7700Q SII, offers 40% increase in speed. This 3D AOI system incorporates advanced AI algorithms and TRI’s Smart Programming, offering unparalleled inspection coverage and precision. The TR7700QH SII is built on an enhanced mechanical platform, ensuring stability and precision during inspections while maintaining an efficient cycle time.

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The TR7700QH SII is specifically designed to cater to high-throughput production manufacturing, particularly in industries such as automotive and telecommunications electronics. It excels in delivering precise metrology measurements and comprehensive inspections for large and high-density boards. One of its standout features is the Multi-Step Function, which enables efficient inspection of components at varying heights, with a maximum of 40 mm. Moreover, the TR7700QH SII supports current Smart Factory Standards, including the IPC-CFX and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852), ensuring seamless integration within modern manufacturing environments.

Test Research, Inc. (TRI) is a manufacturer of Automatic Test and Inspection solutions. The company offers solutions including solder paste inspection (SPI), automated optical inspection (AOI), 3D automated X-ray inspection (AXI) systems, manufacturing defect analyzers (MDAs), in-circuit test equipment (ICT), and functional testing (FCT).


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