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What’s New In The World Of Automotive Electronics?

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One of the best places to find an answer to this question is Automotive World held annually at Tokyo, Japan. Here’s a sneak preview of innovations that stood out from the world of automotive electronics…

From the new trends in automotive electronics, to the new technologies and market possibilities in the world of automotive electronics, Automotive World answers and unearths everything. Into its 13th edition, Tokyo, Japan hosted the annual show from 15 January to 17 January this year.

While 17,377 attendees were part of different conferences, 80 speakers spoke on a gamut of things encompassing the automotive electronics industry. The event, over a period of three days, saw footfall of more than 38,900 individuals.

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Here’s a glimpse of what was showcased at the show.

Candera’s ‘Holi’ solution

Candera (Germany) showcased its ‘Holi’ Solution, which has been created with CGI Studio and is based on Android/Linux. It demonstrated, how multiple displays are perfectly interacting and communicating with each other.

This is possible due to Candera’s powerful messaging and data binding tool Courier Interaction Framework for smooth interaction between the HMI application and external data sources. Based on modern hypervisor technology this holistic solution will combine both: seamless communication and maximum user experience.

Everlight Electronics’ infrared products

Everlight Electronics (Taiwan) showcased three new infrared products that support the smart automation of automotive devices. The VS FI3535 LED Series is suitable for driver facial recognition. The ALS DPDIC17 LED Series can be used for automatic dimming of rear view mirrors and dashboard lights.

The IR12 21C/TR8 AM LED, paired with the PD12 21C/TR8 AM provides improved accuracy and sensitivity in touch screens. In terms of focus and attention of a driver, EVERLIGHT’s VS FI3535 LED Series can perceive the driver’s eyes and facial expressions to easily identify gaze focus, daze or distraction–claims the company.

COMSOL’s multiphysics software suite V5.5

COMSOL (USA) showcased the Version 5.5 of COMSOL Multiphysics software suite. This latest version introduces powerful geometry modelling tools, faster solvers, and two new products: the Metal Processing Module and the Porous Media Flow Module.

As per their release, the Design Module provides an entirely new sketching tool for easier creation and more versatile parametric control of geometry models. New and updated solvers speed up a wide range of simulations. Two new add‐on products, the Porous Media Flow Module and the Metal Processing Module, further expand the product suite’s multiphysics modelling power.

Arbe’s radar antenna that detects people

Arbe (Israel) showcased a New High-Density Automotive Radar Antenna which they claim detects people around a vehicle! They announced the launch of the first radar antenna designed to protect pedestrians by detecting fast-moving or stationary objects at long range, in daylight or at night, and in any weather conditions.

The new Phoenix High-density Antenna is the densest antenna array available, with a form factor designed to perfectly fit automakers’ current specifications—claims the firm. With the largest number of channels, widest field of view, and highest resolution on the market, Arbe’s radar antenna claims to deliver the unprecedented ability to detect people and separate them from the sidewalk or roadside, breaking new ground in ADAS and AV safety.

Field-tested on steep and curving roads and sidewalks, the Phoenix High-density Antenna has been proven to detect both small objects like pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles, and large objects like vehicles of all sizes, as well as stationary objects like guardrails, road obstacles and parked cars, whether in daylight or darkness and in rain, fog, or snow.

Cepton’s long range lidar

Cepton (USA) showcased Vista-X120, its High Resolution, Long Range Lidar. The company claimed that its latest Lidar delivers high resolution, enhanced field of view and long range for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous application. Vista-X120 offers a 120 horizontal field of view (FOV), 0.15 angular resolution and a maximum detection range of up to 200 meters at 10 per cent reflectivity, delivering a best-in-class lidar solution ideal for ADAS and autonomous vehicles (AVs), and well suited for smart machines used in other autonomous applications.

Powered by Cepton’s patented Micro Motion Technology, Vista-X120 builds upon the existing Vista-P60 product that is shipping to customers worldwide, across a range of markets. This friction less beam-steering architecture makes Vista-X120 highly rugged and durable, claimed its release.

Rutilea’s visual inspection software that utilizes AI and Deep Learning

Rutilea (Japan) showcased their visual inspection software “SDTest” utilizing AI and Deep Learning. It built on an Open Source stack. SDTest’s claim to fame is automatic detection of 0.05mm defect with a Takt Time of 60ms or less per inspection workpiece!

SDTest claims to solve both the technical and cost issues that were considered difficult in the automated visual inspection of production lines.



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