Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Digital Learning For Embedded Systems Made Easy For Working People

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  • The e-learning platform by Eclipseina for embedded systems helps maintain a work-learn balance in a convenient manner
  • The units are broken down into small modules to enable better understanding of the the taught subject

In this rapidly evolving technical environment, employees are often required to educate themselves further and to acquire new knowledge. While classroom lectures ensure a successful learning process and easy monitoring of the learner’s knowledge, attendance of the learners during that time is required, as a result employees are not available for working at the office, which poses a problem for companies.

The Embedded Academy from Eclipseina tackles this problem by offering training programmes with digital learning formats. Eclipseina is a specialist in embedded system education.  The offered e-learning platform allows learners to decide and control their place and the speed of learning, or how often they want to repeat a topic.  In particular, maintaining a balance between learning and working becomes possible.

Small module teaching

Embedded Academy focuses on providing “microlearning”. This means that knowledge is divided into small modules, which are focused on the practical application, guaranteeing a quick and lasting absorption of information. Moreover, the units strike a balance between a technical level of detail, didactic reduction and interactive features to deepen the learner’s understanding. At the end of each unit, a quiz allows the learner to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge.

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Currently available comprehensive study units are:

  • Automotive SPICE
  • Cryptography
  • Communication in EV charging

Further contents relating to other fields of embedded technology are in development phase. The e-learnings of the Embedded Academy are available in both paid and free formats, and available in both German and English. Therefore, people all over the world can benefit from the interactive features and enjoy learning new topics.

Along with e-learning, Eclipseina also offers the possibility to attend webinars based on contents taught in the virtual classroom.


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