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Capacitor Technology For Automotive And Industrial Applications

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The capacitor series offers high power density and low leakage in a compact, hybrid design having great advantages

Offering a combination of highly conductive polymer technology and liquid electrolytic material in a hybrid design, which results in outstanding electrical performance for automotive and industrial applications are three hybrid aluminium polymer capacitor series: A780, PHA225 and PHH225. This launch aligns with the growing vehicle electrification product market, partly due to the need for 48V architecture in mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV).

The A780 is a surface mount (V-Chip) hybrid aluminium polymer capacitor. Both liquid aluminium electrolyte and solid polymer materials are housed in a cylindrical aluminium can and when combined, provide greater advantages such as high ripple current, low equivalent series resistance (ESR), low leakage current and exceptional self-healing capability than standard solid polymer aluminium capacitors with no liquid electrolyte.

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These capacitors can withstand heavy vibrations (up to 30g), meeting the stringent design requirements for automotive powertrain and industrial applications, including engine control units, DC-DC converters, 48V inverters for MHEV, switched-mode power supply (SMPS) and computer voltage regulator modules (VRM).

Extended range

The PHA225 and PHH225 are also built using hybrid aluminium polymer capacitor technology. These include an axial and radial crown designs that offer the same combination of highly conductive polymer and liquid electrolytic material as the A780 series. These capacitors can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius, provide extremely high ripple current capability and self-healing performance. The hybrid construction of polymer and liquid electrolytic provides extremely low and stable ESR across all temperature ranges, thus extending its operating lifetime.

The PHA/PHH 225 capacitor has a small size and high ripple current per unit volume, which is valuable when designing-in for automotive and industrial technologies, such as 48V automotive inverters. By using smaller, high power density hybrid aluminium capacitors in parallel for an existing 48V automotive inverter design, engineers can reduce the number of required components and still maintain high ripple current performance. The PHA225 and PHH225 hybrid series are ideal for designing in high power automotive applications, including DC-Link for 48V inverters, cooling fans, water pumps, power steering, and braking and injection systems.

“The design of the A780, PHA225, and PHH225 series incorporate KEMET’s proprietary hybrid polymer technology and electrolyte material,” said Rui Monteiro, KEMET Director of Aluminum Electrolytic Technology. “These advancements in our polymer and aluminium offering supports the growing automotive electrification trend and provides design engineers with reliable solutions for decoupling, smoothing, filtering and power conversion.”

The A780, PHA225 and PHH225 series capacitors are AEC-Q200 qualified and available immediately via KEMET distributors.


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