Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Buck Converters For Space & Thermally Constrained Applications

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TDM3883 and TDM3885 IPOL from Infineon technologies are fully integrated single-output step-down DC-DC converter modules. The high-efficiency buck converters are capable of outputting continuous 3A/4A load capability and line regulation over a wide input supply range (4.5 – 14 V). Both modules improve the battery life of the application device due to a low supply current (10 μA) at shutdown and tight reference voltage VREF tolerance (0.5 V±1.0 percent) and low ripple. The modules come with thermally-compensated internal over-current protection (OCP). The Buck regulator modules are specially designed for space and thermally constrained applications, telecom and datacom applications, servers, and network storage.

The existing servers, communication, and network storage applications struggle to minimise power losses and solution size. And to tackle this problem, Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the highly efficient and reliable step-down DC-DC converter modules to the point of load (POL) family, these modules are ideal for system designers looking for a compact, fully integrated, and easy-to-design POL products to help them expedite time-to-market.

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According to the company, both the TDM3883 and TDM3885 IPOL are fully integrated single-output buck converters. The company has simplified the designing process and requirements for reducing external components by integrating inductors and capacitors into the module. Moreover, the integration also offers improved performance compared to discrete solutions due to the low parasitic parameters by minimizing the PCB wiring trace needed. At the same time, thanks to their tiny package size, the modules can fit into the restricted PCB space offering up to 80 percent area saving on the customer solution.

TDM3883 and TDM3885 integrated POL 3A/4A come in a compact package measuring 2.7×3.1×2.3 mm3 PG-LGA-15-1 package and a 3.1×3.8×2.3 mm3 PG-LGA-15-2, respectively. Additionally, the company has employed an Enhanced Stability COT (constant on time) engine with ceramic capacitors without external compensation and a forced continuous conduction mode (FCCM) option. Both the module offers extra features such as internal soft-start, enable input, pre-bias start-up, thermal shut down, a power-good output, over-voltage protection (OVP), and UVLO.


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