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Cellular V2X All-In-One Communication Module To Keep Up With 5G

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  • For enabling connected vehicles with next-generation communication system, Alps Alpine has developed a Cellular V2X All In One Communication Module
  • The module strengthens Cellular V2X platform and helps reduce the burden on the host CPU for the onboard unit

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications technology featuring ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and mass connectivity is expected to play a big role in future social infrastructure. Efforts are underway across the globe since 2019 to put in place the necessary communications environments and develop related technology. The most prominent use of such next-generation communications system is connected vehicles, as they will contribute to safe and comfortable autonomous driving. 

Cellular V2X or C-V2X will be a key platform and is already deployed using fourth-generation mobile communications (4G LTE) in anticipation of 5G-based services. It will also be a key enabler for the commercial application of cellular V2X as a platform for V2X, or vehicle-to-everything connectivity – including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. 

In response to these developments, Alps Alpine in collaboration with Gohigh Data Networks Technology Co., Ltd. of the Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group has developed the UMCC1 Series Cellular V2X All In One Communication Module that supports intelligent transportation, smart cities and autonomous driving. The module, compliant with 3GPP Release 14, is an All-in-One type with a standard inclusion of an application processor and V2X protocol stack, reducing the burden on the host CPU for the onboard unit. The UMCC1 Series also has its own built-in power circuit (PMIC), facilitating system expansion of onboard units from simple to advanced functionality on a single platform. 

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Block diagram

Realising New Technologies

Deploying the module will allow Alps Alpine to speed up the development of 5G modules to further enhance product capabilities in the connectivity domain. In addition, the company aims to realise comfortable user experiences within next-generation mobility society by integrating this core technology solution for the Digital Cabin framework with human-machine interfaces (HMI) and sensing technology. 


  • Compact All-in-One module with outstanding interconnectivity.
  • Complies with 3GPP Rel-14 (PC5 mode 3). 
  • Contains application processor and V2X protocol stack. 
  • Built-in power circuit (PMIC).
  •  Dual antenna (Rx diversity, Tx signal) support


  • Frequency range: 5905 – 5925 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 10/20MHz
  • Supply voltage: +5.0/+3.8V
  • Transmit power: +23dBm max.
  • Receiver sensitivity: -97dBm @ 6Mbps (QPSK)
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 39.7× 35.8× 3.82mm

Principal Applications 

  • Telematics control units (TCU)
  • V2X on-board units (OBU)
  • V2X roadside units (RSU)

A Cellular V2X Communication Module Evaluation Board & Kit is available to evaluate products and will help in reducing the development and evaluation workload in unit design.

Mass production began in July 2020. 


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