Monday, April 22, 2024

Developer Board That Can Upgrade Industrial Applications At Low Budget

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AAEON has introduced the UP Squared V2 with 40% greater CPU performance and twice the graphics capability.

With better processing provided, the price of processor boards is also increasing. The power offered by the processor is not utilized when compared to what has been asked for when looking for a processor board. And not only does the processing limit itself just to some basic work, the application window expands as well. The need for good graphics and sound and even connectivity demands have increased.

Developer Board by AAEON. | Credit : AAEON

The UP Squared V2, successor to its UP Squared Developer Board comes with dramatic improvements in processing power, graphic capability and expansion options on the same 3.37″ x 3.54″ (85mm x 90mm) form factor. The UP Squared V2 boosts up to 40% greater CPU performance with its Intel Celeron N6210 Pentium J6426 Processor SoC.

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Users can take advantage of 1.7x the single-thread performance and 1.5x the multi-thread performance along with up to 16GB LPDDR4 system memory. The device offers a mechanical design reconfigured to fully utilize its Intel Gen11 UHD Graphics for a 50% upgrade in performance. This is done by using an interface composed of HDMI 1.4, DP 1.2, and eDP 1.3 ports, enabling up to three simultaneous 4K displays.

The UP Squared V2 expands its potential with additional M.2 2280 M-Key and SATA III slots to give users the option of incorporating AI, PCIe, and Wi-Fi modules, and even providing additional security via its TPM 2.0 port.

The new I/O features make it easier for developers to integrate audio capability to their solutions, such as a dedicated HD audio wafer. This eliminates the need to use the I2S on the board’s 40-pin HAT to incorporate audio to applications, as was the case before.

The device tends to upgrade industrial applications with more power at the same low cost. Example uses are as AGVs, service robots, and numerous smart factory solutions, which maintains AAEON’s presence as a leading Industry 4.0 pioneer.


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