Sunday, May 26, 2024

Film Capacitors For Expanding Green Energy and Automotive Applications

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  • KEMET’s series of high-power capacitors provide high-capacitance, extended life and reliability
  • With the renewable technology to grow in the near future, these devices offer optimal power solutions

As per a 2019 report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the total global renewable-based power capacity will grow by 50 per cent between 2019 and 2024. Solar photovoltaics technology accounts for over half of the growth, while onshore wind technology accounts for 25 per cent of the growth.

To keep up with the steady growth of renewable (green) energy and technologies, KEMET has launched three new series of metallized polypropylene dielectric film capacitors: C44U-M, C44P-R and R75H.

C44U-M & C44P-R series

The latest C44U-M series features a DC-Link and DC filter power film capacitor designed for high-power conversion systems applications in green energy, industrial and energy storage systems. It supports DC networks and supplies high current for circuit needs or load demands in wind, solar and storage energy technologies. Its high DC voltage load capability (1,800 VDC) and high ripple current make this UL810-certified capacitor optimal for high capacitance while minimising Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR).

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Similarly, the new C44P-R series is UL-810-certified and features high current capability for input and output AC filtering (up to 1,000 VAC) in solar converters, wind turbines, uninterruptible power supplies and power factor correction systems. These cylindrical aluminium canister capacitors allow for higher energy density, extended life and reliability.

R75H series

The R75H series, a radial box pulse capacitor, is similar to the above two in that it supports these applications. Designed with a radial box style for PCB mounting, the R75H Pulse series includes the same high energy density, extended life and reliability benefits. This series meets one of the most rigorous reliability standards in the industry with its high voltage range (up to 2,000 VDC), high capacitance range and high dv/dt capability.

These automotive-grade capacitors can support power conversion for on-board electronics systems and onboard battery management systems in vehicles, micro-inverters in solar panels, and WBG semiconductor devices in power supply systems. This series is designed for versatility in harsh conditions due to its THB (Temperature Humidity Bias) test capability of up to 85 degrees Celsius and operating temperature up to 125 degrees Celsius, well-suited for applications that require miniaturisation and fewer capacitors due to elevated temperatures and frequencies, such as resonant tank circuits with WBG semiconductor components.

The C44U-M, C44P-R and R75H series are now available via KEMET distributors.


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