Monday, June 17, 2024

High-Efficiency Power Density Family Of DC-DC Converter With Reduced Size and Cost

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The latest DC-DC family of converters deliver a high-performance power density having wide applications

With the launch of the SZPL3102A/3103A family of two DC-DC converters (Buck Regulators), that can operate up to 2MHz, power management challenges with best in class power density and efficiency performance can be met. This is not only a wide voltage, high-frequency point of load converter series that targets USB-PD applications but also offers customers with unprecedented BoM savings. The device serves wide input and output range converters that support up to 24VDC input in a tiny 3mm X 3mm QFN.  

The SZPL3102A and SZPL3103A have unique features that optimise their performance in USB port power supply applications including: 

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  • USB-PD and fast-charging power adaptors
  • High-power density DC-DC power supplies
  • High-efficiency power adaptors
  • Battery chargers for mobile devices 

Extremely low operating power dissipation enables very low no-load power for regulatory certification. Furthermore, the SZPL3102A contains a momentary internal feedback path that allows for clean and well-controlled start-up operation until external USB-PD controllers can bias themselves and take over control of the output voltage.  

 The SZPL3102 Includes a momentary internal FB Resistor Divider that allows time for some PD controllers to power up and take smooth control.  The SZPL3103 allows for an external FB Resistor divider for stand-alone operation and co-operation with other USB port controllers using an external divider network. 

Key Features:  

  • Optimal for USB PD and Fast Charging 
  • 18W, 27W, 45W up to 65W PD-ports  
  • Up to 2 MHz Switching Frequency for Compact Designs
  • 3.3V to 21V Output at 3.25A (covers USB-PD 3.0 and PPS applications)  
  • 8V to 27V Input    
  • Dual Input LDOs (VIN and VOUT) for Product Bias Optimises Overall Efficiency  
  • Space-saving 3mm x 3mm QFN package   

“Higher switching frequency means a smaller, lower-cost output filter.  The SZPL3102/3103 have ground-breaking efficiencies in the smallest size and weight designs. Our support tools give customers the flexibility and confidence to quickly increase performance efficiency, which ultimately increases the power density in their designs approaching 12% of the volume required by low-frequency competitive solutions.  The SZPL3102/3103 significantly reduce BOM cost, design cycles and time to market,” said Tim Wilhelm, Director of Marketing, Silanna Semiconductor.

SZPL3102A/3103A family are being sampled to key accounts. They will be fully released later this year and available from Silanna Semiconductor.  


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