Monday, July 22, 2024

Littelfuse Launches New Series of High-Voltage Cartridge Fuse For Automotive Applications

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Littelfuse 828 fuse

Littlefuse recently announced the launch of the 828 Series of High voltage cartridge fuse. This fuse has been designed and tested for use in compact automotive applications. The fuse has a high interrupting rating and provides an overcurrent protection feature. The small form factor along with the high operating temperature range makes it suitable for applications as a protection device in the Power Distribution Unit and On-Board Charger of electric vehicles.

Cartridge fuse has been in use for over a century and provides many advantages over rewireable fuse, the low cost and no reclosing risk make it a better choice for many applications. According to the company, the 828 series is rated for 1000 VDC with interrupting rating of 10,000A and a current rating of 15A to 30A. It has a small footprint with a compact body size measuring just 10x38mm. The fuse is Littlefuse internal AEC Q200 compliant

“The compact 828 Series High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses are AEC-200 compliant fuses with a 1,000 Vdc rating in a small size,” said Style Liu, Global Product Manager at Littelfuse. “This resulting combination of true design flexibility and robust circuit protection delivers the high reliability necessary to survive in harsh automotive electronics environments.”
The fuse is available in both the bolt-down versions and in a through-hole version which makes it suitable for both printed circuit board (PCB) and as a screw-in assembly.

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The features of the Littlefuse 828 Series are:
• High breaking capacity
• Available in Through Hole and Bolt Down version
• RoHS-compliant, lead-free, and halogen-free.
• Recognized to UL/CSA/NMX 248-1 and UL/CSA/NMX 248-14
• Wide operating temperature range from -55°C to 125°C


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