Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Molex Introduces New RF mmWave 5G25 Connector Series

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Molex, a connectivity innovator, launched its Flex-to-Board RF mmWave Connector 5G25 series to meet demanding 5G mmWave applications requiring stringent signal integrity at higher frequencies up to 25 GHz.

The new connectors enable manufacturers of RF antenna modules as well as designers of mobile devices to optimize high-speed 5G components while reducing space on small high-device-density printed circuit boards.

The Molex Flex-to-Board RF Connector 5G25 series supports high-speed data transmission. It features a signal pitch of 0.35mm, a mated body height of only 0.6mm, as well as a short body width of 2.5mm and length of 3.6mm. Moreover, it features full Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding, encompassing both RF terminal and full connector shielding to ensure superior signal integrity.

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It incorporates a center shield-in contact with receptacle and plug, so that each row can be isolated to boost overall signal-integrity stability. And according to the firm, the new series facilitates fast, trouble-free assembly.



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